Frequently Asked Questions


Upon your initial phone call the Office staff will gather all your personal information such as name, email address, phone number, address and reason for your inquiry. All invoicing is sent by e-mail unless you do not have the means of a computer or cell phone. Please keep in mind if you have a real emergency please notify the Office staff you are in need of plumbing services within the hour. Your call will then be returned as promptly as possible to schedule in your request and gather additional details if necessary.

We use a high quality scheduling system that will notify you via e-mail/text messaging. The system will notify you which technician will be coming to your home. We have an “On my way” alert which is helpful for our clients to know exactly when to expect the technician. You can also track the tech in real time while on route. How cool is that!?

We work within two hour windows in most instances. There is often a lack of control in the trade when we run into difficulties it does slow us down from time to time. We also have to prioritize emergencies. Appointments made at 9 a.m. are the best because we are usually right on time for the first appointment of the day.

We operate with a straight-forward pricing guide for most plumbing repairs and maintenance. That means we can sometimes provide pricing over the phone for the basics however when we cannot see your current set-up it makes it difficult to price. For example: Installing a dishwasher is suitable for over the phone. Another example: I have two leaks on a pipe. How much will it cost to fix the leaks? This is not easily quoted over the phone.We must see the source and then be able to accurately price it. We do not work by the hour. The only services that are by the hour are for snaking drains and video camera inspections.There are no hidden fees with our straight-forward pricing guide. What you see is what you get. There are no additional trip fees, equipment cleaning fees, apprentice fees, etc etc. The only time the price would change is if the client requests additional work that was not initially accounted for in the estimate.

We charge for an on-site consultation because our time is very valuable as well as our professional knowledge. Once you become one of our clients future projects and pricing is complementary as requested. There are some instances where photos might be helpful however when it comes to plumbing projects a site visit is required especially if we are not familiar with your residence.

Under normal circumstances we strive to provide timely estimates within 24-48 hours. During our busy season this may be delayed. A phone call never hurts if you have not received your estimate. Perhaps there was an error with the spelling of your email address or we may be delayed during our busy season!

Do not panic! You know where to reach us. However with that being said there is a process. We need to determine if something has gone wrong. Plumbing is never 100% issue free. Various factors can be at play in your plumbing system and we may have not installed the plumbing in your home. Our policy is that you must contact Poly-B Plumbing and allow us the opportunity to verify the issue(s) and to rectify any concerns. If this process is not followed our warranty will be null and void. There are many variables at play however we stand behind the work we have completed.

There are many responsibilities that come with running a reputable plumbing company. We must ensure we have adequate insurance coverage and WSIB clearance for many jobs. The Government also takes a majority of those taxes behind the scenes. There is everything from insurances on the commercial vehicles, fuel, uniforms, repairs of equipment, tool rental, tool purchases, employees wages, bookkeeping, software, website/advertising, materials, training, permits, etc. The bottom line here is that you must understand that we carefully consider our pricing and know where our bottom line stands for good reason.

As per our terms and conditions payment is required upon completion of the service. For larger projects we require a 50% deposit to schedule it in and 50% upon the remainder. Receipts are issued. If our terms and conditions are not followed we will then pass it on to our legal team as interest applies.